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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Define pain.

When you see someone fell and broke their leg,
you picked them up,
Nurture them,
Feed them,
Heal them,
Fix them.
without putting your wants into consideration.

that broken leg?
yes, painful.
But not as painful as when
they are healed,
they start running off again without looking back,
 without a single glimpse,
leaving you behind,
expecting you to be there again when they hurt themselves.

That feeling of letting go and make yourself always available for them?

That my friend,
that is pain.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"A Piece of Memory"

A girlfriend?
i don't know.

It's funny how this,

Became this.

Then turned into this.....


Friday, August 23, 2013

"Lovin' Ice Cream"

As I sit there counting my days,
Reminiscing our moments, just me and you.
As we bid farewell to the Sun's bright rays,
the floor finally occupied only by me and you.

I sat quietly, containing my tears,
approaching fast is the day that i fear.
Regardless, you're always filled with smiles and cheers,
singing a song for me to hear.

Circling around me with a scene that i could only dream of,
your romantic ways that melt this pure heart and soul.
your touch, your kisses and all those intimate stuff,
making these tears much harder to hold.

"Ice-cream sarang dugeun dugeun sangsang",
those words still echoes in my ears,
A song which was cheerful and uplifting,
is now a BGM for our flashback reels.

How much more can this innocent heart sustain?
How long more can i hide this pain?
For that beautiful smile, i'd die again and again,
two hearts met and now unfairly chained.

Ps:// Preferably be read with the song as BGM.

Lovin' Ice Cream


Saturday, August 3, 2013

"A New Chapter"

Dear God,

Here I am today,
Kneeling in Your awesome presence.
Bowed down with humility and worthlessness.
for I am nothing but human,
Your lowly and humbled servant.
a medium of emotion and mortality.

You are a crafty novelist.
You twist the plot of my book.
Turned me from protagonist to antagonist.
A knight into a mercenary.

Dear God,
I saw through all this.
I really did.
but, my human nature, yes, my human nature pushed me forward to go on.
It's funny how I hated that guy,
and the irony of me hating myself for being in his situation.
The so-called 3rd person.
An unbelievable similarity.
The difference is that: her level of maturity.

Like the song "Caramel",
"It won't do
to stir a deep desire,
to fan a hidden fire
that can never burn true."
Why fan a hidden fire if it can never burn true?
Yes,love. Why continue the love if it can never bloom it's beauty?

A road less travelled.
But, seems like more and more people are choosing this path.
It will not be easy for us both,
but we do go on anyway.

Dear God,
You sent another exact xerox of her.
The one which sliced my heart.
Stepped on my trust and spat on it.
Like the song "Sparkle",
"Ooh, Oooh...
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Having you
This time."
And yet,
I still fell hard.

I was on the verge of jumping...
On the edge of the cliff or,
holding on my weight with the tips of my fingers or,
that last breath that you struggle to gasp before you suffocate.
I was there...
I was at that stage.
Don't tell me I don't know the meaning of pain.
Maybe that is the sole reason why You sent her in my life latter.

Self despairing.
she wiped it all off...

Thank you Love.
Thank God for working miracles in His own mysterious ways.

P/s: Entri yg tah pape.