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Sunday, October 30, 2011


it's been awhile that i've updated my so-called-blog~

My last shipboard service was onboard MV Bunga Terasek~

it was hellishly HECTIC!
trust me, it's more like a torture there!!

MV Bunga Terasek was basically a feeder vessel in Persian Gulf~
Three main ports:

Jebel Ali,United Arab Emirates;
Bushehr, Iran;

I sailed on the vessel around April,2011 till October,2011~
in that period, I've never seen a single drop of rain!!!
and i was there during the peak temperature, with NO air conditioning!!

There was this one time,
it was in Bushehr,
i was at the gangway and out of nowhere,

there's this group of people just jumped out of the truck and pulled out a sheep from the back~
and they just took the knife and beheaded the sheep!
YES,on the road!
what the....