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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

English: Know the difference.


The difference between knowing YOUR shit and YOU'RE SHIT!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Of The Seafarer

25 June of each year is the "Day of the Seafarer", recognizing and appreciating the invaluable contribution seafarers make to international trade and the world economy, often at great personal cost to themselves and their families.
Governments, shipping organizations, companies, shipowners and all other parties concerned are invited to promote and celebrate the Day in an appropriate and meaningful manner. 
All seafarers are invited to this celebration in Jabatan Laut Malaysia, Port Kelang.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hierarchy of merchant vessel

 Hi Guys!
And again,
it's been quite some time for me to start blogging again.
This time it's about the hierarchy of merchant vessel a.k.a the rankings on the ship!!
Everybody always relates sailors as "Captain"
there's a loooong passage to reach that rank,
not as easy as you think.

The "Old man" is the overall incharge of the ship.
From there,
there will be two departments.

Being the Deck Department and Engine Department.
Each Departments are being supervised by Chief Engineer and Chief Officer respectively.

The Departments are self explanatory,
Engine and Deck:

Under the Engine department,
There are 3 sets of scopes.
Electrical, Engineers and Ratings.

Whereas under the Deck department,
There are 3 sets of scopes too.
Catering, Officers and Ratings.

the picture below gives the better view of it~

Unlike the Navy,
the Merchant Ship crews are mostly focused on multitasking due to the limited bunk or cabins available.
the usual mannings are approximately ranged between 25-30 person.

As for me,
I was the MISC sponsored "ALAM Product".
Went to ALAM( Akademi LAut Malaysia) located in Malacca,
recruited as a cadet.
went for basic trinings there for 1 year,
then i was assigned to sail for 12 months in total onboard :
1) Chemical Tanker- M.T. Bunga Melati Dua
2) Container Vessel-M.V. Bunga Bidara
3) Container Vessel-M.V. Bunga Seroja Dua

After the sea service,
i rejoined the academy for the 3rd year(Final year).

before being certified as an officer,
an oral examination will be conducted by the Marine Department.
After that examination,
i was sent to the sea again as a Fourth officer, serving onboard 
M.V. Bunga Pelangi Dua.
Promotion was given onboard, now holding the rank of a Third Officer.

to date today,
i've been serving as a Third Officer onboard
Just follow the table above,
Still a loooooong journey for me!!
M.V. Bunga Terasek and now onboard M.V. Bunga Mas 10~


A fishing lesson from my Second Officer!