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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twisted confession

Falling in love, helplessly descending,
Wondering how deep is this hole, continuously falling.
Endless pit, so vacant and so hollow,
How deep do you plan for me to love you?

Never ceased to gain my slightest attention,
Juggling words and strumming emotion.
Drowning me with all your love and affection.
I am only human to be seduced by such ungodly temptation.

Never had I been approached by such,
Filled with lust and alluring touch.
Nothing gentle, tender or any of its kind,
But this is the type of love I seek to find.

The twisted endearment disguised off this gentleman,
Curiosity attracted me to this mysterious sentiment.
Never a dull second or a monotonous moment,

Take me now and make me feel like a woman.