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Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Minutes Break, 09Alpha!!!

Regardless the "show" these guys are putting up in here,
They are actually very bright and yes, top students!
I expect nothing less than being successful from these guys~

Zero Nine Alpha,


Our beloved Warden Jeffrydin,
Everyday around 6 am,
He'll roam around all the cabins and ring the freaking bell (0:08) just a few centimeters from our freaking ears!!!
We're considered lucky if he does that.

There were a few occasions when he roams around with a Cricket BAT!!!!
guess what he does with that?

Boys will be boys,
you know how some of them sleep~

Let your imagination run wild!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


A poem  requested by special someone.

There are many ways for affection of love,
From loving another and to The One above.
The adrenaline of how strong it feels,
Making us hunger for chills and thrills.

There's no greater love than of a mother's,
Keeping us safe for countless hours.
Showered us with tender and care,
A bond that nothing could ever tear.

Tough love felt between the siblings,
Love-hate emotion that strengthens the links,
No matter how much they quarrel or fight,
From harm they'll protect, with all their might.

The bond that felt between the buddies,
Of raging dragons and hopping bunnies.
A winter's mitten and the first flower of spring,
That is what, true friendships bring.

The moment I see you, I know it's love,
I see butterflies flying and kissing doves.
I want to be the one you'll say goodnight to,
And wake up having my arms around you.

When we gaze into each other's eyes,
It feels like being in paradise.
Wishing you're mine for the rest of my days,
I love you, my dear, forever and always