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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The old hut

There was an old cosy hut,
Sturdy, homey but with notable cut.
Warm, safe and full of love,
A shelter from sun, from rain above.

Dear mister hut, please stay, please stay,
I have to be somewhere, far away.
Let me go through my shedless days,
in my lego houses or foreign chalets.

Fireplace, foods and accommodation,
Satisfy me my needs at this very moment.
But deep down inside my memory pane,
That hut still hugged my comfort, my sane.

Let me be protected being distance apart,
Please stay vacant, my lovely hut.
Though you are untitled, by anonymous builder,
I am with right now, but you are my forever.

That cosy hut where I felt warm and loved,
Still empty, no caretaker, remained untouched.
Dear mister hut, please stay, please stay,
I promise to return, but.. not now,not today.